Several things can cause a noisy air conditioner. Any strange noise coming from your AC is a sign of an underlying issue that requires professional help. Ignoring weird noises from your air conditioner could worsen the problem to the point that you might have to replace some significant AC parts or the entire air conditioning system. A faulty AC can produce several different sounds.

Loose Parts

If you hear a rattling sound coming from your air conditioner, it could be due to loose screws or loose parts. A very loose screw or part produces a louder rattling sound. Therefore, don’t ignore a loud rattling noise. Instead, act quickly by calling in an HVAC contractor to inspect the air conditioner and fix the loose parts before it affects the unit’s integrity.

Slipped or Old Belt

An old belt squeals before it finally breaks down. If the belt stops functioning, it’s best to call an experienced technician to replace it and prevent further damage to other AC components. A lipped belt produces a clear squealing sound. It acts as the connector between the engine and the compressor.

Refrigerant Problems

A refrigerant leak could be the cause of a hissing noise from your air conditioner. Refrigerant leaks cause an AC unit to turn on more frequently, affecting its ability to supply cold air in your home. Consider hiring a technician to inspect the air conditioning system and discover the leak source. The expert will fix the leak source and recharge your AC.

Fan Motor Failure

If the capacitor or fan motor is about to fail or is already failed, you might hear a humming noise. A soft and steady hum indicates that you need an expert for fan motor repair. A capacitor boosts the energy necessary to start an air conditioner. Therefore, if you hear humming noises from the system, contact a trusted technician to fix the issue immediately.

Shut off your air conditioner if it starts making unusual sounds when starting, operating, or stopping a cooling cycle. Call our trusted technicians in Newton for inspection and diagnosis. We have experienced HVAC technicians to repair damaged air conditioners. We also offer heating repairs, AC installations, grease tap services, and pipe repairs. Get in touch with Graber’s Plumbing & Heating today if your AC is experiencing unusual noises.