A quality HVAC system can last a long time, but its useful lifespan will eventually come to an end. An HVAC unit that has given your home a good 15 years of service might mean the “due date” for a new system is quickly approaching. Maybe 10 years is tops for your particular unit. Check your owner’s manual to be sure. You may want to start thinking about the season in which to replace the system. Here’s why spring could be the best time of the year to do so.

Summertime Means Busy Contractors

June might not be one the hottest month of the summer, but July could be a scorcher. June becomes the “last-minute month” for customers to order a new air conditioner. Therefore, June might become a tough time to get an air conditioner installed. So, your technician might not be able to schedule your service appointment until the first two weeks of July. That’s what happens when contractors find themselves overwhelmed. March, April, and May could be better and more flexible months for requesting a new system. Graber’s Plumbing & Heating is available for bookings throughout the year. Residents located in Newton and the surrounding areas can ask us any time about air conditioning and heating repair and installation work.

The Weather Proves Mild

From the minute your old air conditioner gets uninstalled to the final moment when the new HVAC unit goes in, there won’t be any air conditioning in your house. Spring brings mild weather, which means you wouldn’t be running the air conditioner anyways. In the summer, you could be dealing with uncomfortable weather and no AC. Spring, hopefully, would eliminate this problem.

Best Chance for a Good Deal

HVAC companies often like to nudge some customers to move up their plans to upgrade from summer to spring. One way to do so involves offering springtime deals. By taking advantage of such deals, you could save a lot on overall service.

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