When you buy an air conditioning system, you will likely wonder what the installation process is like. Once you’ve decided what make and model of air conditioner to get, you’ll schedule an appointment to have technicians come to your home to install it. Here’s what happens when they’re at your home.

Set up the Condenser

Our technicians will first put the condenser in its place. This is the part of your air conditioning system that goes outdoors. They’ll either place it on the concrete pad you already have or put a new one in place. The concrete pad will be in a flat location that is out of direct sunlight. This helps your air conditioner stay in place and be energy efficient.

Install Wires and Tubing

Our technicians will then cut a hole to run wires to your main electrical panel. They’ll install pipes to your furnace.

Install the Evaporator Coil

Installing the evaporator coil is a complex process. Technicians will need to take precise measurements and cut metal. They’ll install the evaporator coil inside the upper part of your furnace.

Install Refrigerant Lines

Technicians will then install refrigerant lines between the evaporator coil and the condenser unit. To do this work, technicians need to be certified by the EPA.

Install Thermostat

Our technicians will run a wire from your electrical panel to where the thermostat will be installed. They’ll install either a programmable or smart thermostat according to what you want.

Install Drain Tubing

The next step is to connect drain tubing to the evaporator coil. This will route condensation into a floor drain.

Test the System

The last step is for technicians to test the system and explain how to use the thermostat.

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