If you open a heating bill and your jaw drops, you’re not alone. Many people have winter heating bills that are too high. There are a few common reasons why this is the case.

Vampire Appliances and Devices

Most modern appliances and electronics consume electricity whether they’re on or off. They have standby modes, which means they never really power down. You can either unplug devices when they’re not in use or use power strips to control when they receive power.

Inefficient Furnace

Furnaces naturally lose efficiency over time. To prevent this, schedule annual maintenance visits from a heating company. They’ll clean the inside of the furnace and make sure it’s operating as efficiently as possible. Heating accounts for half of your energy bills, so maintenance is money well spent.

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Change Air Filters

When the filter in your heating system is dirty, it prevents air from flowing as it should. This results in your furnace working extra hard, which drives up your heating bills. Replace the filter whenever it’s dirty, which is usually every two months.

Too Little Insulation

Many homes are poorly insulated, with too little insulation in the walls and attic. Poor insulation allows heat to escape your home, driving up heating bills as your furnace works longer to compensate. Proper insulation can reduce your heating bills by up to 40%.

Leaky Ducts

Most homes have leaky ducts, which allow heated air to escape into unconditioned areas. You can inspect your ducts in your crawlspace or attic. You may be able to repair some holes, but a technician will do a more thorough job.

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