Need a sump pump installation or replacement in Newton, KS? A malfunctioning sump pump can lead to all kinds of problems in your home, but we’re here to assist. [company_name] can come to your rescue if you find yourself dealing with a sump pump that’s not working as it should. Newton residences can have complete confidence in the level of care taken by our plumbers. We pride ourselves on the quality of service provided by our team since 1926. For the best sump pump replacement in Newton, count on Graber’s Plumbing & Heating.

Preferred Sump Pump Installation in Newton

Sump pumps can help you prevent water from leaking into the lower levels of your home, such as your basement. While you may be tempted to follow a do-it-yourself video from the internet and perform the service yourself, it’s best to call out professional plumbers to handle the job. Graber’s Plumbing & Heating will ensure your sump pump installation in Newton gets done properly at a reasonable price.

Investing in the cost of installing a sump pump can pay off over the years. The money you pay to install a sump pump pales in comparison to the clean-up costs of having water flood your basement. In addition, a sump pump can prevent you from losing irreplaceable items to water damage or ending up with cracks in your home foundation because of excess water.

Sump Pump Replacement Experts

Having a sump pump at the ready can save you a lot of money and headaches. It’s important that you make sure that they’re properly maintained, so they work when you need them.

Keep an eye or ear out for signs you may need sump pump replacement, including:

  • Frequent cycling
  • Loud noises
  • Circuits tripping
  • Sump pump won’t turn on

Sump pumps should turn on automatically when they detect excess water coming into your home, then turn off once it’s gone. However, if your sump pump starts cycling all the time, that could be a sign that there’s an issue with the switch or the float, which controls how the sump pump operates. Also, while sump pumps aren’t completely quiet, they shouldn’t be loud or start emitting strange noises. Sounds like squeaking, rattling, or grinding can mean you need to call a plumber. Another issue to watch out for is constant tripped circuits when your sump pump turns on, which can be a sign of a serious issue like damaged wiring or an inadequate power source.

Our plumbers at Graber’s Plumbing & Heating have the experience needed to diagnose a wide array of issues with your sump pump. In addition, we provide free cost estimates that include everything from labor to parts for sump pump replacement or repair.

If you need sump pump installation or replacement in your Newton home, call Graber’s Plumbing & Heating today!