Homeowners commonly experience a drop in hot water production from their hot water heaters in the winter. If hot water loss troubles you every time the temperature drops, then one of the following reasons might be why your water heater runs out of hot water in the winter.

Cold Basement Location

Homes with basements typically place hot water heaters down there. A cold basement environment means that the hot water heater will lose heat more easily than during warm weather.

If a cold basement appears to be the issue, then you should check to see if the basement windows are drafty. Sealing them with weatherstripping will significantly reduce heat loss. Wrapping the entire water heater in a special water heater blanket will also protect the tank from dropping exterior temperatures.

Mechanical Problems

Colder weather might actually make a mechanical problem more noticeable. Some water heaters rely on a part called a dip tube to separate incoming cold water from heated water. If this part cracks, then it leaks cold water into the tank and cools everything down.

Lack of Pipe Insulation

When hot water travels through pipes, the heat radiates away through the entire length of the piping. This might be less noticeable in the summer when the ambient air temperature is warmer. Home and hardware stores sell affordable pipe insulation products that are easy to wrap around pipes. Insulated pipes will retain more heat and deliver hot water more efficiently.

Contact a Plumber

A water heater with declining performance might need repair or outright replacement. A plumber from Graber’s Plumbing & Heating can look at your hot water heater and provide a free estimate for repairs. We’re also a trusted local provider of heating and cooling services.

Our technicians at Graber’s Plumbing & Heating are licensed to inspect, repair, or replace gas, electric, or tankless water heaters. We’re located in Newton, KS, and we offer emergency service hours when your hot water heater needs attention right away. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.