Whether you have a manual or automatic hot water heater, here are tips on how to light the pilot light on your hot water heater.

Is Your Water Heater Manual or Automatic?

The first thing you need to do is to identify if your hot water heater is manual or if it’s automatic. For this, look at the box sticking out on the side and see if there is a very small “Ignition” button next to the larger “Pilot/On/Off” button/dial. If there is a small “Ignition” button, then it’s automatic. If there isn’t, it’s manual.

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How to Light the Pilot Light on a Manual

For a manual hot water heater, you likely will need a very long lighter. You’ll want to use a lighter you might use at a barbecue, for example.

You first want to remove the plate on the side of your hot water heater that is just under the box with all of the dials on it on the side. After removing that, there may also be another plate inside your hot water heater. Slide that plate to the side and look for a pipe that goes up to a “burner.”

Turn the knob on your box to “off” and wait five minutes. Next, turn the dial to “Pilot” and the temperature dial to “Low.” Push the “Pilot” button in while you light the burner.

Hold the button for 30 seconds and then release it. Set your temperature to the correct temperature, and you’re done.

How to Light the Pilot Light on an Automatic

The steps for an automatic are similar. However, you don’t have to remove any plates. Just turn the “Pilot” dial downwards and hold the “Ignition” button at the same time instead of lighting any burner. That’s it.

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