If you spot leaky exterior water fixtures, you may want to consider consulting with an outdoor faucet replacement service in Newton, KS. Rely on Graber’s Plumbing & Heating for all your exterior plumbing needs. At 60 drops per minute, your spigot could lose approximately nine gallons of water every 24 hours. In a few days, the amount of water could be enough to raise your utility bills and damage parts of your property. That’s why we recommend scheduling an outdoor faucet repair service for your home in Newton.

Dependable Outdoor Faucet Replacement Team

One reason for the spigot leaking is probably natural wear and tear on the outdoor faucet components. Water fixtures outside your house are often subject to harsh weather conditions and different types of abuse.

The washer is usually the first component inside the faucet to succumb to wear and tear. When the washer is faulty, you may notice water spilling from the top of the handle. If tightening the stem does not stop the leakage, you may have to replace the fixture.

A malfunctioning faucet may show several signs of imminent failure. It is wise to take action immediately to avoid waste.

  • Unusually high or low water pressure
  • Noisy or irregular water discharge
  • Corrosion or mineral deposits
  • The handle making squeaky sounds

Many areas around Harvey County have very hard water. The sediments and scale can contribute to the rapid deterioration of a spigot’s internal components. Our plumbers can offer solutions to address hard water problems and prevent complications in the future.

When temperatures dip below freezing in Newton, your plumbing could be at risk of failure. Freezing temperatures can cause parts of your plumbing to burst and crack. In such cases, a faucet leak may occur along the pipe close to the fixture.

Sometimes a fixture is simply past its useful life expectancy, and it requires a replacement. A certified plumber can assess your plumbing to determine if a new faucet is necessary.

Newton’s Trusted Outdoor Faucet Repair

When you need an outdoor faucet repair service, Graber’s Plumbing & Heating is your go-to resource in Newton. We have more than seven decades in the industry, and we’ve been offering prompt plumbing repair services since 1950. We’re located on West Fifth Street next to Okerberg Park and the Newton Recreation Commission.

Our fully licensed and certified team has the skill and experience to troubleshoot and fix a wide range of plumbing faults. We carry out background checks for all staff members to guarantee our clients safe and dependable services. In 2020, we were awarded Best of the Best in Kansas for our outstanding customer service.

Call our Newton team today for conscientious outdoor plumbing replacement services. We offer free estimates and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.