Nothing is worse in your home than having a clogged drain. While a clogged drain may seem inevitable, this inconvenience and frustration can be avoided with proper care. Here are four tips to help you to avoid plumbing clogs.

1. Dispose of Materials in Garbage Instead of the Sink

One tip that can help you avoid clogs is to keep as much debris out of your sink as possible. A common mistake that people make is believing their garbage disposal is built to handle all food and debris. While it can help, you should still put all grease and large food items in the garbage as opposed to having it go down the drain.

2. Use Drain Filters

Another common cause of clogs is hair and other small items that accidentally go down a drain. To help prevent this, you should put a drain screen and filter over each of the drains. This will help to catch the debris and keep your drains clean and clear.

3. Call a Professional for Tough Clogs

While you can try and keep your clogs clear, some tough clogs still require the help of professionals. For those that are in Newton and the surrounding areas, Graber’s Plumbing and Heating could help with all of your plumbing service needs including unclogging a tough drain and completing any necessary pipe repairs.

4. Use Hot Water Frequently

Another tip that can help to clear out your drains is to run hot water through them regularly. Running hot water for just a few minutes per week can help to loosen debris and fix small clogs. This can help to solve an issue before it develops into a larger, challenging clog.

You should always be diligent about plumbing care. However, when you need any plumbing services in Newton, KS, you should contact Graber’s Plumbing and Heating. We can handle any of your plumbing service needs, including pipe repair and help with challenging clogs. We also provide an array of heating and cooling services. Give us a call today to learn more.