The holiday season comes with many festive duties. Planning for parties and visits from friends and relatives can make a schedule complicated. When your mind is focused on shopping for food and presents, you could forget about certain home comfort issues. However, you shouldn’t make the mistake of overlooking furnace-related duties when the holidays roll around.

Keep an Eye on the Thermostat Settings

Picking a reasonably comfortable temperature in the 60s might be a good idea. Equally wise is keeping an eye on the temperature setting. You never know if a guest decides to play with the thermostat. Periodically check the setting to make sure its where it should be. Do so when you are cooking and baking things. The stove and oven could contribute extra heat that may create discomfort if the furnace isn’t lowered.

Tune-Up and Clean the Furnace

Do you want to suffer the embarrassment of experiencing a furnace malfunction during a holiday party? No one can predict with 100% certitude that something won’t go wrong, but it does help to perform maintenance steps to reduce the chances of a disaster. Calling a service technician to perform a cleaning, inspection, and tune-up could cut down on troubles. Don’t wait until the last minute, either. Do so right away. Newton, KS, residents can contact Graber’s Plumbing & Heating to ask about a planned service agreement. Our company also handles furnace and AC repair requests.

Use a Smart Thermostat

If you don’t already have a smart thermostat installed, consider getting one right away. Smart thermostats are better at regulating temperatures, which can be an excellent help when throwing parties with dozens of people in attendance. Also, many modern smart thermostats are compatible with smartphone apps. Don’t overlook the value of remote programming. When you are out shopping, you can raise or lower the temperature as needed before you get home.

Place a phone call to Graber’s Plumbing & Heating before the holidays arrive. Ask someone for help with addressing any of your furnace, plumbing, or AC concerns.