Even some small updates to your home can increase its resale value. Plumbing is one area that could help. Many homebuyers are afraid of the possibility of major expenses in the future. Knowing that the previous owner has maintained or even upgraded the plumbing gives them peace of mind.

Green Plumbing Upgrades Add Value

One area that is a great selling point these days is when you go green with your plumbing. Changing fixtures and installing flow control is a way to sell savings on a water bill and a more eco-friendly house. Green plumbing could also include a hot water heater that cuts water and power usage. This may attract additional buyers who want an environmentally sound house.

Increase Your Home’s Worth With Capital Upgrades

Capital improvement is also a strong selling point. Buyers will ask about the plumbing, and they will certainly learn about it at the home inspection. Knowing that they will not have to spend money to repair or upgrade the plumbing themselves could lead buyers to increase their offer. Conversely, having these issues unaddressed will subtract from the sale value of the house because you would need to address them before the deal closes if the buyer raises issues after the inspection.

Bathroom Improvements Add the Most Value

Plumbing is usually associated with bathroom upgrades. Buyers value bathroom work even more than they do bedroom improvements. When they see features like new toilets and fixtures, it makes the house more appealing. You may also want to get innovative and go with items like a tankless water heater. This could give your home more of a buzz. Upgrades like these are what you need to spark a bidding war if you ever choose to put your property on the market.

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