Building codes are created with the primary purpose of keeping people safe when they are in offices and homes. When it comes to plumbing, there are specific codes that you should follow to ensure that all your plumbing works are safe. Many people don’t realize that they have violations simply because they’re not aware of what constitutes a violation. These are three plumbing code violations you should know about.

1. Improper Bathroom Venting

Standards require that bathrooms have fans that remove smells and steam from the bathrooms via a vent. This vent either goes to the roof or the side of the building. However, some people improperly install the vents so that they end inside the bathroom. This is a plumbing violation and has severe impacts on the health of the bathroom. It leads to the accumulation of humidity and heat inside the toilet, which can cause mildew, mold, or moisture damage.

2. Improper Slope of Drain Pipes

Plumbing codes require that all the drainpipes follow a specific slope so that they can drain wastewater through gravity. However, when pipes are not sloped as required, gravity will not work, and the contents will not flow as needed. Sewage may even drain back, which amounts to a violation of plumbing codes. Regulations require that drainpipes have a slope of 1/8 inch if they are three inches or larger.

3. Insufficient Space Around Toilet

Plumbing regulations require that toilets be at least 15 inches from the central point to a side finished wall. This is not an ample space considering the bathroom is likely to take half of the area. However, most of the plumbers ignore this code when they are installing small toilets. However, regulations emphasize that this code needs to be adhered to, especially when constructing small bathrooms.

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