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What Are Swamp Coolers?

When researching ways to cool your house during the summer, you have probably seen a swamp cooler mentioned. These units are also called evaporative cooling systems. Let us take a look at how swamp coolers compare to AC units. How Do Swamp Coolers Work? The basic concept of a swamp cooler is that air that flows over a wet surface is cooler. So, a swamp cooler uses wet pads and forced air to cool a room. They do not require ductwork like an AC. Instead, you open or shut windows to direct the flow of air into certain areas of
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Top 5 Causes of AC Airflow Problems

When your home’s AC unit is operating as it should, it will cool your home affordably. However, air conditioners are complex systems, and your AC airflow can be affected by a number of things. 1. Dirty Air Filter The AC’s air filter is designed to prevent debris and dust from making its way into the system from the exterior unit. Over time, the outside part of the system will gather a lot of this type of material. If enough of it collects on the air filter, then the air will stop circulating. When this happens, your system will experience poor
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